Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Live Review - Norah Jones @ Ed Sullivan Theater

There may be no better way these days for an artist to celebrate the release of a new record than with a private gig for all the world to see for the acclaimed Live on Letterman web series. Earlier this year we saw it with Snow Patrol, The Shins and now, Norah Jones had her turn as she showcased her new album, Little Broken Hearts the day after its release at the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater. Like all Live on Letterman webisodes, there are no tickets, these are for a handful of lucky eyes that range from corporate sponsors, journalists, media personal and of course, fans. 

As she confidently walked down the aisles of the theater and onto the stage, the pint sized Jones immediately began playing away at new songs from the Danger Mouse produced, Little Broken Hearts. What was evident to those that had not heard the record yet was that her songs are darker, edgier, dramatic and much more guitar oriented. She is clearly progressing in all the right ways with her music and taking chances. With her seductive jazz and blues influences, Jones still showed has not deviated that much from her roots but clearly going in a new direction. In between songs, the beautiful 33-year-old would interact with the crowd and mention the temperature in the room, after all, everyone knows how cold Letterman likes his studio, clearly he keeps it that way even when he is not on the clock. For the hour Jones was on stage with her very talented band, she showcased her new songs as well as making room for her classics. With all of the accolades and acclaim Jones has received in her career, playing this theater for this room of people may have been a highlight. As the crowd departed the theater, the collective, "Oh my God, that was amazing," was heard from nearly every mouth exiting the famous venue. Jones did her job and did it well and set the bar for the next great artist to go on this great web series.