Friday, May 18, 2012

Recommended Reading - Cash

The second installment to our new monthly feature, is a book about "The Man in Black" by "The Man in Black." Much like Keith Richards Life, which we picked last month as our inaugural post, Cash by Johnny Cash feels like the singer is right in the room with you dictating his whole life. Released in 1998 and the basis for the hit film, Walk the Line, Cash is a deep tale from a man with so much to say and who did so much. The country legend takes us from his humble childhood in Arkansas to his travels to Nashville and all the roads he walked to get become one of music's all time legends. Cash did not hold anything back, he talks about his addictions, his sins, his problems with his first marriage and how he all came to redeem himself and heal himself. His adventures on the road and encounters with people like Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan, and of course, his wife June Carter, and the roles they played. He discusses his faith, his love of nature, his disdain for vanity and why he loves black so much. From record label success and disputes to finding his voice and passion again with Rick Rubin, who would eventually introduce Cash to a whole new generation of listeners. From the darkest corners life could bring someone to the biggest lights and stages around the world, Johnny Cash had seen it all and explains what brought him there. Easily one of the greatest music autobiographies you will ever read.