Friday, May 11, 2012


Lupe Fiasco has confirmed that the sequel to his brilliant break-through debut album, Food and Liquor will be a double album. Fiasco told FUSE, "Food & Liquor 2 is the follow-up, the sequel to my first album Food & Liquor. This is my fourth album, and this is actually a part one and part two, it's a double album. With this record, I wanted to go back to the essence of what made that record so special, the frame of mind I was in when I did Food & Liquor the first time around."

In case anyone was wonder, after the news that Tommy Gabel has come out that he will undergo a sex change, Against Me! will not be breaking up. Gabel will still be the bands front person and singer, guitarist.

Zooey Deschanel will play country star Loretta Lynn on Broadway in a production of The Coal Minors Daughter. The actress and She and Him singer will be making her Broadway debut in the role, however, it is still unknown when the musical will open.

If anyone saw Suede last year in concert and heard them play new material - well, consider yourself lucky. Apparently the material the band have been working on has been scrapped. The band have no returned to the studio with Ed Buller, the man who produced their first four albums.