Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Killer MikeR.A.P. Music 
Killer Mike returns with one of the years best hip-hop records and the finest album of his career. Linking up with El-P, Mike finds himself bringing back old school early 90’s delivery for an emcee and takes on everything from politicians to the war on drugs to rappers trying to make a name for themselves today. R.A.P. Music serves as a blueprint to any aspiring rapper or emcee as to how it should be done in today’s game.

GossipJoyful Noise  
Beth Ditto and Co. return for more dance, glam, and party starting anthems. Joyful Noise picks up where the band’s last record, Music for Men, left off and hears the Pacific Northwest band sustain the energy and inner beauty within their music.

El-P Cancer 4 Cure 
The Company Flow emcee brings hypnotic beats, his brilliant lyric skills and a sure fire fight to anyone who believes that the hip-hop genre is just about parties, money, and women. Cancer 4 Cure is a sucker punch delivery of El-P at his finest, a brutally intense and brilliant record, El-P is back and better than ever.

Joey Ramone - ….Ya Know 
The second posthumous release from the former Ramones front man is a nostalgic trip to the past. One of the greatest front men of all time is collected and remembered again on a new album of restored songs and demos overlooked by his estate.

Sigur RosValtari 
The Icelandic favorites return for their new album, Valtari and let nature tell its story. Valtari is a very mellow release from Sigur Ros and inspired by the awe-inspiring landscape around them in Iceland, the band gave it all a soundtrack. Valtari may not be the strongest release in the band’s immense catalogue, but it surely is one of the finest albums out this year.

The Walkmen Heaven 
The indie rockers return following the success and brilliance of their last record, Lisbon, The Walkmen triumphantly follows it up with Heaven. Heaven, which is a layered but bare-bones record for the band that hears them dabbling into folk, country and mixing it with their signature sound.

Hank and Cupcakes Naked 
The Brooklyn via Israel husband and wife duo self release their debut album, Naked, and it brings the funk, the noise and the fun. Naked captures the energy that Hank and Cupcakes deliver onstage and give an insight as to why they are one of the most talked about bands in New York City.

Rufus WainwrightOut of the Game 
Rufus teams up with Mark Ronson for a record that is part Wainright part Ronson but all Rufus. Out of the Game hears Wainwright catching more of a blues atmosphere and combining it with his signature symphonic style.

The New York City duo release their debut and it is as seductive as a good lover. Passage is an intensely sexual and hypnotic album that combines the innocent playfulness of The xx and the swelling epic scales of Sigur Ros and brings forth a hell of a debut.

The Maccabees Given to the Wild 
The London band has caused a buzz back home with Given to the Wild, but it is not as brilliant as the British press has lead on. The Maccabees are a moody rock band that manages to combine some Britpop as well as symphonic melodies ala Coldplay into their latest but it lacks the serious punch one was expecting.

GarbageNot Your Kind of People 
The unexpected comeback from one of the 90’s most unexpected bands. Garbage never really sank nor swam when they arrived on the scene in the mid-90’s, they had it all, killer riffs, clever lyrics, amazing production and Shirley Manson fronting the band, yet they were never the biggest band in the world. Now, after a few years on hiatus, they return and it is a welcomed return but much like their initial embrace to pop culture, it is a return that is not as big as Stone Roses but not as dull as a Hootie and the Blowfish pickup. Not Your Kind of People is Garbage doing what they do best, just being themselves.

Regina Spektor What we Saw from the Cheap Seats
The New York Russian beauty returns and it Regina being Regina. Nothing new but nothing awful about the pianists’ latest release, it is just more of her exposing her chops.

Ladyhawke is back and if you listen to her self-titled debut album, you heard Anxiety. What a massive disappointment to one of music’s most acclaimed and exciting artists. When Ladyhawke arrived into our hearts and ears in 2008, she was more than a breath of fresh air, she was a total DIY funky woman with tons of attitude and tons of talent. After a few years away from the limelight she returns with Anxiety, which for some odd reason, sound EXACTLY like her debut from the beats down to the song flow, it is one thing to have one form and stick to it, but this close?

Scissor SistersMagic Hour 
New York City’s favorite glam rockers since The New York Dolls return with album number four and despite a heavy array of electronic producers, the album is about as exciting as a Black Eyed Peas song. From producers like Calvin Harris, Diplo, the Neptunes, and Boys Noize, it was a tease that Scissor Sisters would be giving us hard hitting club beats or something that every DJ would be spinning all summer, yet, instead they create a very uninspired and dull record that is filled with sub-par disappointing songs.

Death GripsThe Money Store 
The current indie sensations release their debut and it can be filed under flavor of the month. Remember when you were a kid and had a Casino keyboard and would just loop various beats and random synth attacks and think it was cool? Well, if you didn’t, just picture a kid playing around with a keyboard and microphone for the first time and you have Death Grips. The Money Store may actually be one of the most random collections of songs ever assembled.