Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick News

Just before his passing, Adam "MCA" Yauch recorded new music with Beastie Boys in late 2011. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mike D said, "Adam instigated it. It could only come from him, in terms of where he was at with his cancer treatment. He wasn’t sure he was able to do vocals but after a bit we ended up doing them. It was a way for him to say, 'Yeah, I'm doing it'. He had us fooled in the most beautiful way. I believed, up to last week, that Adam was somehow coming back. But I wouldn't trade that optimism for anything, because the other option is no fun." No word as to when or if the music will ever be released.

Some good news - legendary singer Bobby Womack has been given the all clear from doctors and is free of colon cancer.

Public Enemy will mark their 25th anniversary with two albums. The legendary hip-hop group will release a pair of concept records to celebrate their milestone.

Jay-Z & Kanye West plan to release a sequel to their successful Watch the Throne album. Producer Mike Dean, who co-produced Watch the Throne, confirms plans are in the pipeline for a second collaboration album.