Saturday, September 28, 2013

Live Review - Portugal. The Man @ Terminal 5

On their first U.S. gig of their fall 2013 North American tour, Portugal. The Man kicked things off right with a sold-out show at one of New York City's premiere venues, Terminal 5. Supporting their fantastic new album, the Danger Mouse-produced, Evil Friends, Alaska's Portugal. The Man kicked things off with the albums biggest single, "Purple Yellow Red and Blue." Backed by screens in the shape of mountains that projected trippy and psychedelic images and animations, the fans were mesmerized by the sights and sounds. With hardly any spotlights on the band, the seemed like shadowy figures on stage as they drove through their setlist. With each song segueing into each other, the band hardly took any breaks and continued the fun and entertainment as they gave the fans something to embrace while they spent their Friday night inside the 3,000 person club.

Even though Portugal. The Man were on tour supporting Evil Friends, it was a sonic timeline as they played songs like "So American," "Guns and Dogs," "When the War Ends," from their previous records. However, it was the suprises that the band sprinkled into their set like a cover of Ghostface's "A Kilo," and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's "Day Man" theme and Beatles staples, "Don't Let Me Down," "Helter Skelter," and "Hey Jude," as well as Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind." The one thing we can always take away from a Portugal. The Man gig is that you can always expect the unexpected. It is nearly a different line-up every time aside from singer John Baldwin Gourley and bassist Zach Carothers, it is also a setlist that changes per show. With a catalogue so vast and a sound so unique, this band is always making it a treat for their fans and always giving them a reason to keep coming back. We have said it before and we will say it again, you could see this band everyday of the week and it would be a different show each time. We simply cannot get enough and never will.

Portugal. The Man 9/27/13 Terminal 5 Setlist: 

Purple Yellow Red and Blue
All Your Light (Times Like These) / A Kilo
Evil Friends
Day Man
So American
People Say / Don’t Let Me Down
Guns & Dogs
Atomic Man
The Sun
 Sea of Air
Modern Jesus
Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)
When the War Ends
 Hip Hop Kids
I'd Rather Go Blind
 Creep in a T-Shirt
Purple Yellow Red and Blue
The Devil / Helter Skelter
Sleep Forever / Smile / Hey Jude