Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick News

According to Stone Roses bassist Mani, the band will release their much anticipated new album in 2015. At which point, that third album will be released 21 years after the bands second album, 1994's The Second Coming.

Lily Allen has given some insight into her much anticipated comeback album. Speaking to Hello magazine, Allen said, "It's not an earnest 'I'm a mum' kind of record," she said. "It's empowering. There's some feminist vibes going on. It's the same old me with a bit of swearing going on. Good choruses, key changes here and there – that's it! I'm really nervous because I haven't been on stage for a really long time. I'm actually really scared. The music thing is great – creating is what I do. But being catapulted back into the limelight is something I'm anxious about, mainly because I've got two children now. It's not just me – I've got family to think about." The album is due next year.

TLC will release a greatest hits album next month that will feature two brand new songs.

After releasing the cover to her new album, Matangi yesterday, MIA released the tracklisting to the November album. Take a look below:
01 Karmageddon
03 Only 1 U
04 Warriors
05 Come Walk With Me
06 aTENTion
07 Exodus
08 Bad Girls
09 Boom Skit
10 Double Bubble Trouble
11 Y.a.l.a
12 Bring The Noize
13 Lights
14 Know It Ain’t Right
15 Sexodus