Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rising Artist - Ratking

What if NYHC teamed up with 90's NYC hip-hop? The result would be a punch to the gut, jaw, and nuts, but what if we told you that pairing was real? It is true. Are you knocked down on the ground yet nursing your wounds? It is fine if you are, we had to as well thanks to Ratking. Ratking are a collective that combines punk and hardcore riffs, old school beats and samples, over heavy and hard rhymes that are enough to make the biggest skeptic smile and realize this young collective have a world of talent around them. Last year the band released their EP, Wiki93, and supported the likes of Death Grips and gained a ton of attention thanks to their live shows and videos. Now, as the band work on a full length, this group from Harlem which pay their respects to the NYC acts that came before them will soon be the toast of the town.