Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Movie of the Month - Senna

While Ron Howard's new biopic, Rush is set to blow audiences away because of its subject matter and a Hollywood look at the brutal and exhilarating sport of Formula 1 racing, in 2010, documentarian Asif Kapadia gave the world Senna. The brilliant documentary chronicled the life of Brazilian racecar driver and humanitarian, Ayrton Senna. The film, which featured, what seemed to be, an endless amount of archival footage, was told through the words of those closest to Senna from family, friends, and foes, without ever seeing what they look like in present day as their stories of Senna narrated and drove the films plot coupled with the old and lost footage. Easily one of the greatest documentaries ever made, Senna, took fans deep into the world of Formula 1 racing from the science of the cars, the pageantry, and the politics. Senna, who was a hero to millions back in his native Brazil and around the world tragically died doing what he loved -- racing. The film shows the complex layers of a man that left this Earth far beyond his time and the dangerous way that he left it. One of the fastest, emotional, and heart pounding films you will ever see, Senna is a must for a fan or racing or not.