Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recommended Reading: "My Cross To Bear"

For someone like Gregg Allman who has spent most of his life in the public eye and someone like Gregg who has seen every high and low of fame, a story like his is not only intriguing, it is also amazing he made it out alive. From his strict Georgia roots and forming The Allman Brothers Band with his family, success was something they only dreamed of, but their status as legendary rock and rollers was something they could never imagine, especially someone like Gregg.

Last year, Gregg put it all out there and told his life story with My Cross To Bear. A life story that featured a no-holds barred look at what substance abuse, fame, and the pressure of living up to your own hype can do to you. Gregg chronicles everything. From his drug addiction to his failed marriages and affairs, including a brief union with Cher. Gregg even candidly opens up about his relationships with his brothers and the passing of his brother Duane and what it is like to live a life on the road. The book is as intriguing as one of his classic tunes and a fascinating look at an American life so beloved around the world.