Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quick News

While MONA has been quiet for sometime, singer Nick Brown has now started another band called Talker. No word on a release of a record but apparently the band are working on tunes and it also features Brown's brother, Adam Mark Brown.

Florence & The Machine have been forced to alter tour plans after Florence broke her foot at this weekend's Coachella performance. She posted on Facebook: "Hi everyone, I'm so sorry to say, that after what was one of my favourite shows ever at Coachella, I have discovered I have broken my foot from leaping off the stage. Unfortunately while this heals, my performances will have to be somewhat stripped back. I'm so sorry, I'm pretty devastated, but I still want to do the shows. I understand this is not what you were expecting, but I hope its just as enjoyable. I'm going to try and make it super special for you. By the time Glastonbury rolls around I should be back on my feet. This album was so much about making something from what was broken, so lets see what we can do with this. All my love, Florence."

Speaking to Noisy, Julian Casablancas has confirmed that The Strokes are working on new material. He said, "It’s the first time we’ve been exclusively writing since 'Comedown Machine.' We’re planning on recording stuff. I still think we could do cool things and I’ll do that."

 Anthony Ranieri of Bayside has confirmed that he will release a solo album in June.