Friday, April 3, 2015

Movie of the Month: Saboteur

The master of suspense, Sir Alfred Hitchcock always outdid himself especially within the middle of his career that gave way for films like Rebecca, Lifeboat, Rope, Dial M For Murder, Vertigo, Rear Window,  and Pyscho. In 1942, 73 years ago this month, he gave the world one of the best espionage thrillers that ever graced the silver screen with Saboteur. The film takes centers around a factory worker in World War II that is accused of setting fire to a hanger and causing it to explode. While the protagonist tries to defend his innocence, he goes on the path to find the person he believes is responsible for the act of treason. In a film that has so many twists, turns, and excitement, it is no wonder, even over 70 years ago, that the summer blockbuster was born in April. Even after all these years, the film still resonates with audiences and manages to keep a timeless appeal to what would become the blueprint to blockbuster films.