Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quick News

Elton John will release his new album, Wonderful Crazy Night, in February via Island.

Speaking to Hot 97, Chance the Rapper said that he is currently working on a new song with Stephen Colbert. He didn't elaborate exactly what he was doing with the Late Show host, but then discussed his anticipated new album: "I’m working on a lot of music and a lot of individual projects right now, but my focus is eventually getting out of this trilogy of music that would be #10Day and Acid Rap and third mixtape. And eventually to get to a place where, you know, like I said: stand on top of something and look around and be like, 'This is what I do'. I’m not just rapping to rap. This is what I do....It's a project just like any other project, but this one is defining."

Modern Baseball have announced they will release their new album, Holy Ghost, next year.

A musical based around the beginnings of Beastie Boys will open in London next month.  The show is an unauthorized production of the iconic hip-hop trios story.

Next month, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart will release a new EP called Hell, where they cover James' "Laid." Take a look at the cover, below: