Thursday, January 19, 2012

Live Review - Susan Justice @ Rockwood Music Hall

If Susan Justice looks a bit familiar to you, well, don't shake your head and think it is someone else, it is the woman you are think it is. Back in 2006 a little known singer-songwriter named Susan Cagle was discovered singing in a New York City subway station. Her talents were recorded for a popular record among indie fans called, The Subway Recordings. Cagle appeared on Oprah and things began looking up for the singer from New York. After gigging around the city and the country, she seemed to disappear.

Until now...

Susan has remarked. She is now reloaded, renamed and rebranded but still has the great songwriting chops that she had before. Striking you right in your heart and gut simultaneously, the now named, Susan Justice struck a chord with a packed room at Bowery's Rockwood Music Hall last night. In a short 30-minute set, Justice performed songs off her forthcoming EMI debut, Eat Dirt. She showed that after years in the business, she is not jaded or bitter, in fact she has come back better than before, now with thicker skin and stronger lyrics, songs like her title track and "Bob Dylan," display her raw talents and emotion. Just take one listen to Justice and you will learn more about this woman in one song than most artists display in a full career.