Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Live Review - Jessie Ware @ The Sinclair

Jessie Ware Live in Cambridge, Massachusetts 
by Matthew Warford

I must admit, I only stumbled upon Jessie Ware's music about a month ago. After seeing her on a few "Best Of 2012" lists I checked out a couple songs and was immediately impressed. And then I sort of forgot about her. Then on Sunday, my girlfriend noticed she was going to be in Cambridge, MA the next night and bought us some tickets. While I was interested in going, I wasn't expecting the fantastic performance we were lucky enough to witness. Highlighted by a cover of Bobby Caldwell's classic "What You Won't Do For Love", Ware impressively alternated between her beautiful soulful pop melodies and bantering with the audience in one of the thickest London accents I've ever heard. Be sure to catch Ware if she is in your city, as she won't be playing small venues for long.


*Matthew Warford is a New England based correspondent for Officially A Yuppie. He is also a photographer and filmed the video of Ware above. Find out more about Matthews work HERE