Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 Artists to Watch in 2013

As we look into the New Year, we look forward to see what new sights and sounds 2013 will bring us. Here is a list of 10 musical acts that are sure to make a name for themselves during the next 12 months.

1) AlunaGeorge
While Brooklyn keeps cranking out bands or the "the next big thing" like it serves PBR's, across the pond in London they are still showing they can not only keep up with what is cool in America, but create the blueprint of how American acts will do it. With that, meet AlunaGeorge a British duo making R&B, grime, indie and blending it all so perfectly - think Erykah Badu or Frank Ocean singing over Grimes-esque beats.

New York rapper ANTHM is a Duke University grad and has worked on Wall Street, and saw the cutthroat world of what the financial field had to offer. After collaborating with west coast rapper Blu and releasing his EP, Joy & Pain last year, ANTHM is now turning heads in the blogosphere as he brings the glory days of 90's hip-hop back to life.

A California band who stands for “Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk,” have no fear of risking it all as they have stormed through the indie world and festival circuit in 2012, yet, with the release of their debut early in the year, FIDLAR will certainly be one of the most talked about bands of 2013.

4) Cast of Cheers
These Irish rockers have been making a name for themselves for years back home, now as they look to broaden their horizons and break internationally. The Cast of Cheers take the early 00’s new Britrock sounds of Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand and mix it with the hyper elements of Foals and Two Door Cinema Club and find the perfect balance.

5) Daughter
One of CMJ 2012’s breakout bands were UK’s Daughter, an atmospheric cold-wave inspired band that turned heads with their live shows and striking sound. After signing to the brilliant Glassnote music (Phoenix, Mumford & Sons, The Temper Trap) Daughter will look to take this years SXSW by storm the way they did CMJ.

6) Gold Fields
Here is a band that came to the U.S. with hardly any publicity and slowly turned heads and gained fans thanks to their jaw dropping live shows. After signing to Astralwerks, these Austrialian electro rockers will release their debut, Black Sun, in February and if the songs sound anything like they do on stage, well, they already released one of 2013’s best albums.

7) Action Bronson
For the last two years, this cook-turned-emcee from Flushing, Queens, has been making a name for himself thanks in part to giving away a handful of free mixtapes. Sparking interest and fans from everyone like Mark Sanchez to A$AP Rocky, and linking up with producers like Party Supplies and The Alchemist, Action Bronson’s official debut album will be a welcomed record with much fan fair and anticipation.

8) Team Spirit
After leaving Passion Pit, multi-instrumentalist Ayad Al Adhamy formed Team Spirit, a rock and roll band that packs just as much energy as a can of Red Bull and with the release of their debut record this year, Team Spirit will storm every town and turn it into the most fun occasion any venue will see this year.

 9) Metz
One of the heaviest and hardworking bands to come from Canada in some time, Metz make DIY post-hardcore and simply melt the faces of anyone they play in front of. After releasing their self titled debut in the fall of 2012, the band have toured and toured and toured and will go into 2013 touring some more and making sure everyone they come in contact with is a fan and lover of their viciously beautiful music.

10) Palma Violets
Palma Violets have been hailed as one of the Britain's best new bands, they sell-out nearly every gig they play, they have already graced the cover of NME and have done this all before releasing a full album. The story and hype of Palma Violets is similar to that of The Vaccines, who by this time two years ago had nearly everyone in Britain foaming at the mouth for what they were going to do next. With their debut arriving in early 2013, Palma Violets will answer the hype