Sunday, January 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! A Classic Education INTV!

Italy may not be the epicenter of the indie rock world or where we look to find new bands, but it should not be counted out and Bologna band, A Classic Education are proving that. The band bring a certain slick sound to British cold wave inspired rock and roll. After releasing their debut, Call It Blazing, in the fall of 2011, the band have toured all around the world tirelessly and in 2013, the band are hoping to do it all over again and this time with new material. Take a look at our interview with singer / guitarist Jonathan Clancy about the band's beginnings, roots, and other Italian bands we should be looking for.

Being a band from Italy, are you nervous about playing in front of American audiences?

Not at all, we love being over here and part of it is the people at shows being so receptive and generally really good listeners.

How did the band form?

Pretty classic story. One night in the mountains above Modena sealed everything. We made a pact and became a band.

Not many Italian bands have ever really broken into the American indie scene; do you believe you will be the first?

There are some huge electro bands like Crookers and Bloody Beetroots that are massive here too. Maybe we should trade in our guitars for synths. We feel lucky just to be able to be over here playing rocknroll.

Who are some of your influences?

Velvet Underground, Smiths, Gun Club, Bunnymen, Galaxie 500.

You have been known to do many covers from bands before you, why is that?

It's just a way to have fun and show another side of the band. We've always picked songs that could translate well love for us. One of our favs is the Sam the Sham cover we do of Lil' Red Riding Hood.

After years of releasing various EPs, you finally got your first record out last fall, what did it feel like to finally have it out?

Was amazing to finally show everyone the record we could make, it was almost a bit liberating.

What was the experience like recording your first record?

Real easy, Jarvis Taveniere from Woods runs Rear House. It's a great little studio in Bushwick Brooklyn. We recorded live in the kitchen, sang vocals in the bathroom and danced in the bedrooms.

What other Italian bands should people be paying attention to?

Husband, Welcome Back Sailors, Drink To Me, Brothers In Law.