Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick News

Phoenix announced the title of their new record. The album, Bankrupt! arrives in April.

After an online petition was gathered, the Spanish city of Grenada will honor former Clash front man, Joe Strummer, by naming a square after the late singer in his honor.

Billy Bragg will release his first new album in five years, the record, Tooth and Nail, will arrive in March.

Bono gave an update as to what is happening inside the U2 camp, speaking to The Sun, Bono said, "U2 have been back and they're really in fine fettle. They’re mad for it at the moment and they really want to make a new record. And they don’t care if it takes 10 years – they don’t care if it never happens again, they just want to get it right. Within the band we’ve been calling it '10 Reasons To Exist' – but I will tell you we might have at least six of them."

Okkervil River front man Will Sheff has a new electro-pop project which will be releasing new material. The band, Lovesounds, will release something later this year. Sheff said on his website, “In the early part of last year I started renting a room down in a basement a couple neighborhoods over from my apartment in Brooklyn and I started going in and working every day of the week there, just shutting the door and writing until evening. I decided to do a project there I’d wanted to do for years and years, which is to make an album by myself and for myself, an album that doesn’t owe anything to music I made before. When I finished the album I decided I’d give some the songs away for free since it cost almost nothing to make.”

Jonah Matranga has formed a new project with Ian Love of Rival Schools called I Is Another. The band are currently on a indiegogo campaign to fund the project.

After a remix of Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter" surfaced featuring Outkast, Andre 3000 spoke to Spin to clarify that what fans heard was not a reunion. Andre said, "It's important for me to be clear about the origins of my contributions to 'Pink Matter' and 'Sorry.' I was approached as a solo artist by both Frank Ocean & Tip. I discussed musical direction with each artist and completed my verses. It was after that when Big Boi's name came up. I never want to mislead our audience - I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations. These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed. That is why I was surprised to read about these remixes. I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is … and what it isn't."

Hurts will release their new album, Exile in March. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
'Only You'
'The Road'
'The Crow'
'Somebody To Die For'
'The Rope'

After announcing his new record in over a decade, people have been foaming at the mouth to hear and see what David Bowie has in store with The Next Day. Well, after announcing the albums cover, he has already altered it and now is a play off his classic record "Heros," take a look at the latest cover for The Next Day below: