Thursday, January 31, 2013

Live Review - Quicksand @ Webster Hall

In one of the years most anticipated concerts after one of last years most beloved reunions, New York City post-hardcore heroes Quicksand returned home for the first of two sold-out shows at the legendary Webster Hall.

Immediately entering Webster Hall, the anticipation was so large, you could feel it all around you. Quicksand were a band that never got their due in the mainstream, after only releasing various EP’s, and two records, the bands relentless touring schedule in the 90’s got them critical and fan acclaim, but never achieved the massive recognition they deserved. After a rocky on again, off again relationship between members, the band reunited last year for their former label, Revelation Records, 25th Anniversary. With the success of two sold-out Bowery Ballroom gigs and much discussion, the band is currently on a small tour of the U.S. which led them back home.

As the houselights dimmed and the band took the stage, it was a heroes welcome for Quicksand, who for many in the audience was the first time they were seeing them and for others, a moment that they never thought they would see again. With a bombastic opening, Quicksand were back, the members on stage Walter Schreifels, Sergio Vega, Alan Cage, and Tom Capone, seemed as if they never left each others sides over the years. Schreifels, who famously started Rival Schools and Vega who has been filling the void of Chi Cheng in Deftones, have had successful post-Quicksand careers.

As the night progressed, it was Vega who became the clear cut star on stage, as fans crowd surfed, dove off stage and small pits would break out, in many ways, it seemed the gig would decrescendo in terms of momentum. The band would break from their traditional chomping sound and into jazzy space sounds and jams that really would bore many in the audience and had others run for the bar. While many deep cuts from Slip and Manic Compression were played, these extended songs and Schreifels altering the sound of his guitar would lose the bands momentum. Untimely it was Vega who stuck to the script and would get everyone involved and the crowed amped. Vega, who was wearing a Morrissey shirt would get to wear it proudly as the band did a very interesting cover of The Smiths classic, “How Soon Is Now?”

After all the years apart, the new recharged Quicksand seem to be taking a new direction. Who knows what sound and style they will alter with next.