Friday, August 16, 2013

Quick News

KISS have been the kings of rock and roll marketing more than any other band in history. With everything from KISS coffins to KISS urinal cakes (yes, you can take a piss on Gene Simmons fucked up face), but now the band has kicked off an unlikely new venture -- into sports. Move over Jay Z, KISS are coming to town. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have purchased their own arena football team in LA called, LA KISS. The team will make their debut in 2014. Hey, it may not be the raiders, but LA now has their own football team.

In other strange business venture news, Dinosaur Jr. will be releasing a coffee table book that chronicles the bands entire history from their days as high school students to today. It will arrive in November.

Interpol have confirmed they have begun work on their fifth studio album.

After 12 years as a band, Canadian punks Fucked Up now have finally launched their own website. As a celebration, the band are offering a bunch of rarities, B-sides, bootlegs as free downloads. Click HERE to check out what they got.

Geoff Rickley of Thursday has formed a new band with members of Made Out Babies, United Nations, Pigs, and Red Sparrows called STRANGELIGHT. The band will release their debut, 9 Days, this fall. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
1. Split And Divide
2. Mosh Party
3. High Five Hailstorm
4. Tiers Of Joy
5. Xmas
6. White Feather