Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Empire of the SunIce on the Dune

Australia’s international electronic duo returned with the long awaited follow-up to their fantastic 2008 debut, Walking on A Dream. The band’s latest, Ice on the Dune, hears the futuristic sounds and styles of their music tell a fictional story a fictional story related to the album which described a world looked over by an "Emperor" and a "Prophet.” While the story is as epic as the music, Ice on the Dune could have been a soundtrack to any blockbuster film this summer, but instead became a blockbuster record on its own.

Prodigy and The Alchemist Albert Einstein
While the world awaits a new Mob Deep album, rapper Prodigy links up with one of the biggest rising producers in the underground and indie scene, The Alchemist for a fantastic hip-hop album that holds nothing back. With guests like Prodigy’s Mob Deep partner Havoc, Domo Genesis, Action Bronson, Raekwon and others, this album hears two brilliant minds creating a hive vision of what each other should achieve to be. Should and if that Mob Deep album come out in the near future, they need to link with The Alchemist for a result like this.

TransplantsIn A Warzone
The experimental punk band returns with a record that is more straight punk than their hybrid genres thrown together. In A Warzone still has some hip-hop / rap-rock elements to it, but for a majority of the album it is a hard hitting old school California punk record with a modern twist.

Pet Shop Boys Electric
Pet Shop Boys have got to be the most underrated pioneering electronic band out there. Since their conception in 1981, they have consistently put out great record after great record and like a fine wine, only seem to get better with age. Electric is another firm addition to their ever evolving catalogue that does not disappoint.

Bosnian Rainbows
The debut album from former At the Drive-In / Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s new band comes equipped with a warped vision of what music should be. As Omar has been known to push boundaries with his musical production and playing, Bosnian Rainbows is one of his most far out releases to date. Recorded without the use of computers, this band shows and proves that the human element in music knows no bound.

Ghost PoetSome Say I So I Say Light
England’s electronic R&B mastermind, GhostPoet returns with his sophomore album and hears the singer, songwriter, producer and poet reach deeper and darker places. Some Say I So I Say Light hears less grime and dupstep than its predecessor, Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam, but still brings a deep trip hop element that his fellow Englishmen Tricky and Massive Attack would love.

Fuck ButtonsSlow Focus
The English electronic duo may have just released their finest work to date with Slow Focus. Fuck Buttons have always been one to stand out of any crowd, partially because of their name, but in another part because of what they have created just as two men using decks and machines, but now Slow Focus is a focused and much more intricate record that hears them going to new heights.

MonaTorches and Pitchforks
The Nashville rockers return with album number two and still bringing that fantastic classic American rock style to their music, Mona still know how to write a solid rock anthem and an album work of tracks to put a smile on your face.

Franz FerdinandRight Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
The Scottish Britpop band returns with their fourth album and still manage to make their jangly guitars, catchy hooks, and clever lyrics still so much fun to listen to.

J. Cole Born Sinner
The latest offering from J. Cole is as impressive as it gets. The rapper reaches new and deeper personal levels and is his most introspective and best album to date. One that really impresses audiences from all walks of life.

Gogol Bordello Pura Vida Conspiracy
The sixth album from Eugene Huntz’s gypsy punks hears them doing what they do best – rocking out without giving a single fuck. Pura Vida Conspiracy is a Gogol Bordello record, what do we mean by that? Just go back and listen to their other five albums and you will understand, this is just an excuse for them to play new songs live and do what they do best – hit the stage and play their hearts out.

AlunaGeorge Body Music
The debut album from one of England’s premiere synthpop buzz bands has finally arrived. While Body Music is a solid record, it does not live up to the hype surrounding what could have been. A valiant first effort but as a whole not as impressive as some of the albums singles like “Attracting Flies,” “You Know You Like It,” and “Your Drums, Your Love.”

U-GodKeynote Speaker
The long awaited new album from one of Wu-Tang Clan’s unsung heroes has finally arrived. Keynote Speaker is a record unlike other U-God albums, totally void of singles, it is a raw and introspective hip-hop album with special guests  GZA, Method Man, Styles P, Inspectah Deck, Elzhi and Kool Keith.

David LynchThe Big Dream
The endless imagination of David Lynch comes full circle with his new album, The Big Dream. The director, writer, philanthropist, and now musician comes back with his new album after receiving good remarks for his music debut in 2011 with Crazy Clown Time. The Big Dream is influenced by the early blues and rock and roll but still tells a story within each song that is just as confusing as some of Lynch’s films, yet this time it has no visuals to accompany the strange.