Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quick News

The upcoming blockbuster video game, Grand Theft Auto V will feature a special radio station in the game called FlyLo FM, which will feature exclusive DJing from Flying Lotus. His station, which is one of 17, will feature music from himself, his alter-ego Captain Murphy, Clams Casino, Hudson Mohawke, Aphex Twin, Thundercat, Outkast, Tyler, the Creator and more.

Nine Inch Nails will make their new album, Hesitation Marks, available as an "Audiophile Mastered Version," which will contain different mixes of the new LP. Trent Reznor said on Tumblr, "The standard version is “loud” and more aggressive and has more of a bite or edge to the sound with a tighter low end. The Audiophile Mastered Version highlights the mixes as they are without compromising the dynamics and low end, and not being concerned about how “loud” the album would be. The goal was to simply allow the mixes to retain the spatial relationship between instruments and the robust, grandiose sound."

The late J. Dilla, the brilliant hip-hop producer known for his classic album, Donuts, will now be getting a donut shop named in his honor. Dilla's uncle Herman Hayes will open a donut shop in Detroit Dilla's Delights. The store will open this fall.

Justin Young of The Vaccines spoke to Australian radio station, Triple J about the band's third album. Young said, "I don't think we're going to come out with a third record of three-chord pop punk. I think we just sort of felt like we didn't want to be churning out the same stuff album after album… We tried to take a turn on the second record, but it was perhaps slightly premature. I like surprises - not everyone does - but we felt like the EP was a good way to bridge the gap." No word yet as to when the album will get recorded.

According to reports, The Beatles are going to release a second volume of their legendary BBC recordings. No release date has been given.

Speaking to NME, Gary Jarman of The Cribs confirmed that the band will work on two new albums in early 2014. He said, "We're gonna try and do two new records, that's the plan. Not a double album – two separate records, two separate sides to the band. There's one that's going to be really noisy and visceral and immediate, and one that's gonna be more pop. We've been writing for the past month or so and there's definitely an idealistic concept of these two records, which has come from that.