Monday, April 21, 2014


Chicago producer and beatmaker GOLDHOUSE has been making a name for himself in the Windy City, now, it is his turn to do the same on a national and global scale. With the release of his major label debut EP, Back to Life, Goldhouse shows that the spirit of late Chicago DJ Frankie Knuckles is alive and well in the rising artist. Thanks to the release of his latest EP, Goldhouse is ready to shine on dancefloors and speakers in clubs around the globe. We caught up with the man himself to find out more of the mystery surrounding his music, persona, and beats. Take a look at our interview with Goldhouse below:

In your bio, you claim that GOLDHOUSE is not a person or band, but a way of life. What is the GOLDHOUSE way of life?

GOLDHOUSE is about having a great time and enjoying life.  It’s about not caring what other people think and being true to you.

Hailing from Chicago and having some house music as an influence, were you ever influenced by late Chicago DJ Frankie Knuckles who just recently passed away?

Indirectly, but absolutely.  The massive impact he had on house and dance music was astounding.  Even though I was never particularly familiar with all his music, I know so many of the artists I grew up idolizing were influenced by him immensely.

How has Chicago influenced you as a person and as an artist?

Chicago is synonymous with a blue collar work ethic.  If you want something, you spend your time working harder than anyone else to get it.  I try and approach everything, including music, using that philosophy,

Having such a fun and creative pop sound, who are some of your influences?

I always try and keep myself updated with everything being released in the Top 40 and the dance world, but ultimately most of my biggest influences are from 20+ years ago.  I grew up listening to Prince, Madonna, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, and so many others.  When I look for inspiration I find myself turning back the clock.

You titled your latest release, ‘Back to Life,’ what does that signify?

“Back to Life” was the first EP I 100% produced since I first started putting out music.  I felt with this EP that I finally had found my true identity, and being in complete control of it gave me a new spark.

You have been making music your whole life, what other genres have you dabbled into? Will we ever hear those sounds on your future releases?

I grew up playing anything from classical to jazz to punk to pop.  I think its really only a matter of time before you hear those influences come to life even more than they already have.

With three EP’s under your belt, when can we expect your debut?

Right now I’m writing like crazy, which I love.  Ultimately it’ll come down to whenever I have a group of 10+ songs that can all stand on their own.  I always want to be 110% pumped on every song I put out.  I’m really excited about the handful of songs I have so far, so hopefully soon.

When the debut comes out, what can fans expect from it and what will they be surprised by?

The variation of songs.  I’m trying to write great songs, not just songs that conform to a specific mold.  I want each song to be unique in its own way, and I want an album as a whole that is interesting all throughout.  I’m trying to mix genres and sounds all while keeping the GOLDHOUSE sound.

You are a self taught producer and have produced all of your work at this point, are you doing the same for your debut?

I definitely want to produce most of the debut, but I think it’d be great to collaborate with some other producers as well.  Sometimes getting an outside perspective and a fresh set of ears can do wonders for a track.

If you could work with a producer, who would it be?

That's one of the toughest questions I get asked. There's no one single producer I want to work with more than others, because I admire so many for different reasons.  It's a lame answer I realize, but it's the truth!

How would you describe GOLDHOUSE to someone who has never heard of you before?

I'd describe it as fun music. Music you can dance and feel good to. Modern production with pop throwback melodies.

Where does GOLDHOUSE go from here?

Onwards and upwards I hope! A lot of writing and producing, remixing, and live shows. I'm excited to hopefully release some new music soon, and then we'll see where the wind takes me!