Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Live Review: Jonah's onelinedrawing @ Mercury Lounge

For California based singer/songwriter Jonah Matranga, to be back on the East Coast on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings -- Boston is where is originally from, and on the year anniversary of the passing of his close friend, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, must have been a difficult experience. Matranga, who is back to using his onelinedrawing moniker, was in town to promote his latest album, Me And You Are Two and played before a packed Mercury Lounge. It was an early set, but it is for good reason, the performance seemed to be as cathartic to Matranga as it was for his fans. What goes without saying in that emotional gathering and experience is what all of his shows are like, this seemed to have been surprisingly but also, unsurprisingly amplified given the week he is in town.

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While Matranga never mentioned any of the events, he does where his heart on his sleeve and watching and knowing him for a decade or so now, you know things where weighing on his mind. Yet, that is what makes his concerts one of the greatest live experiences you will ever witness. Aside from his lyrical brilliants, funny banter, amazing storytelling, it is about getting lost in his set. He gets lost just as much in his audience as they do in him. It is just him on stage with his guitar, toy R2D2 figure, and a iPod of pre-pregramed beats. It is a vulnerable scenario for any musician, but that is what he feeds on and what the crowd comes to see. It is the most unique, organic, and beautiful concerts you will ever attend. It is as real as it gets. Opening with a handful of tracks off his latest record, he then began taking requests from the crowd. Many were screaming for songs from his previous bands -- Far, New End Original, Gratitude, and he obliged and also gave a new take on some of his most well known numbers. Songs like "Man Overboard," "A Ghost," "Nestle," "Lukewarm," "Bury White," "We Had a Deal," his magnificent cover of Jawbox's "Savory," and even a mash-up of "Stay" and "This is the Part." I spoke to him after the show where he said, "That was cool! I had never done that before and it came out great!" Indeed it did. After an hour on stage, it was time for him to go and for us to take the memories of another memorable night away with us.