Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The Hold Steady Teeth Dreams
It has been four years since The Hold Steady released their last record, Heaven is Whenever, it marks the longest gap between Steady records ever. In that time, singer Craig Finn released a solo album, members of the band opened a bar in Brooklyn, but they kept playing and touring together. Now, with new material, The Hold Steady have given us Teeth Dreams, an album void of themes, characters, and concepts but still with the same heart as their previous releases. Teeth Dreams is signature Steady. Roaring riffs, heartfelt lyrics, and ripping pages right out of the headlines of your life, the Brooklyn band still knows how to craft your personal soundtrack. While Teeth Dreams does not measure up to what they have done in the past with their first four albums, it still makes a mark that can be loved and admired.

Manchester OrchestraCope
The alternative Southern rockers return with their first album in three years and pack a punch not felt from them since their breakthrough 2009 epic, Mean Everything to Nothing. Now, on a major label – Republic Records, Manchester Orchestra have not held anything back, in fact, it feels like they want to impress their new home and mainstream crowd with a swift impact. Furious riffs, heavy musicianship, and singer Andy Hull’s lyrics are as on-point and personal as ever.

There is a reason we named Eagulls our April Rising Artist, the reason is, they take everything we love about rock music and throw it together. With influences from Britpop and American garage rock, Eagulls debut has landed and is a record that needs to be heard and felt.

Bright Light Bright LightI Wish We Were Leaving EP
Two years since his last studio LP, Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light comes back with what could be the EP of the year. With his usual catchy dance hooks that makes him a male Robyn, he returns with his idol in hand – Sir Elton John. Everyone knows Elton would not do anything to waste his audiences time, which is a testament to why I Wish We Were Leaving is so damn good. With just a handful of tracks it makes us beg Thomas for more.

GoldhouseBack to Life EP
Chicago producer and beatmaker Goldhouse has been making a name for himself in the Windy City, now, it is his turn to do the same on a national and global scale. With the release of his major label debut EP, Back to Life, Goldhouse shows that the spirit of late Chicago DJ Frankie Knuckles is alive and well in the rising artist.

CHEMISTresetGrind EP
New York City electro duo CHEMISTreset return with a brand new EP that bathes us in digital sounds and electronic stimulation that brings out the best in what this universe has to offer. A joyous lift into another world that is a sure fire way to brighten and inspire anyones ears.

Kimono Kult Hiding in the Light EP
Former Mars Volta / At the Drive-in / Bosnian Rainbows guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez links up with his friend and musical companion former Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante and form a new group called Kimono Kult. While this band does not feature any of these guys on vocals but Bosnian Rainbows singer Teri Gender Bender which basically makes it a Rainbows EP. A chaotic but melodic listen and fans of everyone involved will enjoy.

The Sahara guitar collective, Tinariwen return with their latest record and bring with them more sounds from a part of the Earth that needs more musical exposure. Emmaar brings more blues, jazz, and native sounds than ever before from Tinariwen, and as usual, they bring along guests like Josh Klinghoffer, Fats Kaplin, Matt Sweeney, and Saul Williams, to gain momentum from audiences around the globe.

Daley Days and Night EP
British musician Daley returns with a new EP that takes more of his soul / R&B / pop combo to a new level just a mere months after releasing his latest album.

Wye OakShriek
Baltimore indie duo, Wye Oak return with their latest album that adds more ambient and blues to their sound. Shriek also has joyful and playful components to it that the band have never explored until now.

Thomas Azier Hylas
The debut album from British pop star Thomas Azier has finally come and it simply is a fun record that will make you want to move your ass.

Ringo Deathstarr God’s Dream EP
Texas shoe-gaze psychedelic wonderband Ringo Deathstarr return with a brand new EP that is chock full of the classic vibes and sounds that we have come to love about them over the years.

Foster the People Supermodel
Coming off the ultra success of Torches, it seems almost impossible for Foster the People to try and match that same success. The band’s follow-up, Supermodel, does not try to do what Torches did, but stands alone as it’s own record – as it should. The album is a concept record about the angst and dark side of pop culture, something clearly the band has seen and faced since “Pumped Up Kicks” was heard on every fucking radio around the world every five minutes. That being said, Foster The People return with a record that still showcases catchy pop but do it in an anti-pop fashion.

Kid Cudi Satellite Flight: The Journey to the Mother Moon
Pulling a Beyonce, Kid Cudi released his surprise new album, Satellite Flight and while the alternative rapper has always pushed boundaries, and with this record, especially coming off the fantastic, Indicud, it falls a bit short. The album feels a bit rushed and forced, but still is part of the grand scheme of Cudi concept records and plays an pivotal role in his Man on the Moon series, with that next installment to be released next year.

Rick RossMastermind
Rick Ross returns with his sixth album, Mastermind, and the long awaited LP that many said would never arrive has come and falls flat. Even with guests like Jay Z, Jeezy, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Diddy, Scarface, Sizzla, Mavado, and Z-Ro, the album feels forced, lazy, and boring.