Thursday, September 1, 2016

Underrated Classic: Living End 'Modern ARTillery'

While we celebrate the release of The Living End's latest album, Shift, we look back at their illustrious career and their 2003 LP, Modern ARTillery. The Australian punks packed a massive punch as they came back to surface and had their first U.S. hit in years with this record. The album, which featured the single, "Who's Gonna Save Us?" was written during the Bush-era but could easily be the siren song of today's campaign and election season. Sad thing is, it came from a trio of Australians for a protest song to be written the year before Green Day unleashed American Idiot. The pop-punk extravaganza was an international success but The Living End, who have a cult-like following around the world, never achieved the massive acclaim they did back home. This record started to see a wider appreciation of the band, who are still going strong.