Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Recommended Reading: 'Salad Days'

Punk rock is a genre that has resonated with teenagers for decades and generations and the basics of what it stands for are pure and innocent and to try and do good by your fellow man, it sometimes finds itself corrupt. In 2000, new writer Charles Romalotti told the trials and tribulations of growing up punk and believing in what it stands for in his fictional book, Salad Days. 

Salad Days tells the story of a punk from Kansas named Frank Smith who fronts the band The Jerk Offs during the emerging hardcore scene of the 80s. As Smith and The Jerk Offs head out on tour, the protagonist learns about life, America, and coming of age in a place where you are pushing from the norm. The book, loosely based on some experiences Romalotti had as a teen, is earnest, honest and a must read.