Sunday, June 3, 2012

EXCLUSIVE - Sisely Treasure INTV!

California native Sisely Treasure has had nearly every job within the music industry one can think of. As the one time front woman for Shiny Toy Guns, Treasure is also a songwriter, bass player, dancer. In 2011, it was announced that Treasure will not be apart of the new Shiny Toy Guns record and began to release a series of singles on her own. Treasure has managed to always stay on her feet doing what she has always wanted. As she works on her solo debut, we had the chance to speak with her about being on her own, her new album and direction and what fans of her's can expect. Take a look at our interview with Treasure below.

For years you have played bass or sang or danced in bands and now you are finally all on your own, are you a bit nervous?

You know, I have been developing a 'solo' project for a while now... it just seemed like the logical progression from where I was. To say right now that Im nervous I haven't been thinking about it really, just working on the music and of course, I feel like Ive got to do something that comes next, always moving ahead and trying to make sure of that... so in that way, I guess nerves come in with pressuring myself ... a little...  but its really more like excitement and anticipation!

As someone who has played in a variety of groups, what lead to the decision to ultimately do your music by yourself?

Its so strange.  Talking about doing music by myself... because I'm really never working alone.  I love collaborating with producers and writers, I actually thrive that way.  So even though this new music is technically going under my name and going to sound less band-y, a lot of the music that I am working on is co-written with more than 1 person.  The difference is, that I guess I am leading the way this time.  The decision was very natural.  It just seemed like the right thing to do, the one that made most sense for me and continues to feel that way.

What can you tell fans about your new material that they might not expect?

Hmmm.... My Beyonce style singing?!  .... JUUUUST kidding.  Its really hard to know what the fans may be expecting from me after everything else.  I would hope that I can deliver some music that is thought provoking, inspiring, and undeniably danceable!.. you know, a real package.

How would you describe your sound and style to someone who is foreign to your work.

 Dance-y, 90s Rave throwback, Trip - Pop (I just made that up), Good?, Great?, Awesome?! you have to check it out!? Fresh, New!?

You deiced to give your first song, “That You Like,” away as a free download. Do you feel that doing so just helps promo your work better or is that the path music is headed, just giving it all away?

Well, in my personal case... I'm starting from scratch...  As far as this new music goes, it could be great it could be horrible... people may be interested to hear what its going to sound like because its new.  Giving away a taste of what is to come, or some music for people to get excited about what is coming next is just like a trailer for a movie.  Im looking at the big picture here, this is my life, this is my career and when you're building any business the people gotta know about your product first.  Giving away a song here and there... the benefits outweigh any negatives...  I could go on forever, but no, I don't feel like I'm giving it ALL away, I look at it as a way to have a conversation with your audience, allowing them into the creative process.  Heck, I hope that you don't think "That You Like" is giving it all away.  From where I stand, its just the tip of the iceberg.

In 2008 you became a member of Shiny Toy Guns and became their new vocalist, what was that experience like?

Tough questions!  Haha.  How long do you want this interview to last!? 

Well, you can probably imagine the kind of gravity involved with replacing an already existing lead singer in a band.  When I joined Shiny Toy Guns, my life just seemed to be this unbelievable chain of events.  I was living in London prior, working on solo material with Frankmusik, and we were just insane writing together.  I have never experienced anything like the time that Frankmusik and I wrote 11 tracks together at his nan's (grandmother's) house.   I got the call from Jeremy to "come out and join my band" Shiny Toy Guns when I was deep into this solo project with Frankmusik and it was a giant shock.  After much deliberation I decided to go ahead and join Shiny Toy Guns even though it meant putting this project with Frankmusik, at the time as I thought, on hold.  I already had a relationship with the band, from 2003.  That meant a lot in the whole decision making process... I saw there was a need, I was very excited with the prospect, so I jumped in head first.  We made some really great music together.  Though Season of Poison, may not have been what the fans were hoping or expecting... regardless, I am very proud of that record and think that the album as a whole is completely awesome.  It seems like its going to be something that people check out in retrospect and go... "wow!"  If I listen to it now, it's just a whirlwind of memories that I can't begin to put into words because I have already said enough as it is.  Every night was a new night to prove myself to each and every fan out there that was just waiting to see what "this new girl" was all about. Behind the scenes a lot of the time it was the deja vu of every Rock N Roll story ever told.  About three years of it, so you can only imagine the experiences...

You stayed with the band a short while then left, what caused your exit?

Well, I believe the cause of my exit was the same as my joining the band in the first place.  I replaced someone.  No matter what anyone thinks out there... no band just goes out and decides to go get a new singer today for the heck of it.  There were many reasons for the decision the band made to have me in the band.  It was not the easiest situation for any of us. As you all know, though it may have seemed like a short while, three years is plenty of time for a lot of life to happen.  In three years, you go from Freshman to Senior.  In three years, one can go from being single, to having a two year old child  My point is, a lot can happen in three years... and it did.  In the end I feel a little bit like Mary Poppin's NOT in the practically perfect way BY ANY MEANS I am not making any self proclamation lets please make this clear!... but in the way that she just showed up when she was needed and just flew away when the wind changed. .. yeah a little Rock n Roll Mary Poppin's.

Prior to Shiny Toy Guns you were appeared on the Pussycat Dolls reality show to become a member of the girl group, a major shift in style in terms of what you would do next in sound and context of music, what was the transition like and what was it like being on the show?

Yes. I did appear on the show as a contestant of an audition process to be the next Pussycat Doll.  The entire time involved from start to finish, very first auditions (off camera) to my exit of the show was... I believe, about 6 weeks total.  The actual filming of the show portion that I was on was... less than 2 weeks. Believe me, through that whole process from beginning to end, it is so rushed that you hardly have time to think about what you're doing.  I knew in the beginning that I would have a good chance of being a part of the show.  Did I really want to be a Pussycat Doll?  No... not really.  Did I really want to experience the whole thing?  Reality TV? I thought I did at the time... sometimes I think I want to experience EVERYTHING!..  However as you may all know already, its so far from reality.  From the time where it seems like its an okay idea to audition for this show to the time that you're on it, its about a month long process that got really difficult to see through or back out of after the first step into the very first audition.  It was totally a bizarre like Clockwork Orange.  They strip you down, take away all of your belongings and communication with the outside world, give you a number, they keep you awake for ridiculous hours, cut you up like Frankenstein and put it out there for everyone to see, then they release you into the world with this newfound scary fame you make no money, and have no way to defend yourself.  Yeah... that's the best way to describe it.  It really showed me a lot about life, people, friends, fame, I learned a lot.  It was such a small fraction of the rest of my career in music that its kind of a bummer the way it can just overshadow everything else, I guess I really didn't think about that... that I am still 5 years later (from filming) explaining.  Hopefully it doesn't last much longer... I mean, anyone remember Eden's Crush or the Mickey Mouse club?  Yeah.

You have dabbled in a little bit of all forms of entertainment; from music, to acting, to dancing. Do you feel music is the best way you can express yourself?

I love creating music and everything about the process because it is so multifaceted!  If you're an actor you go role by role usually as a medium that the writer, directors express themselves through.  Same as a dancer, you are a medium that the choreographer is sculpting with.  With music, the entire creative process is much more involved if you want it to be. I get to think about what it is that my heart is feeling to convey, write the lyrics, music, produce it, perform it live, perform it staged, act in videos, dance live and in videos, decide what the visual elements are going to be... I get to be involved in the whole creative process from beginning to end I get to do it all!  Music is what inspires me... on so many levels, the true artists are inspirational in everything they do.  I can only hope and try to live up to that same standard.

What has been the most memorable thing about your career?

Well, I can't say winning my first Grammy or singing a duet with David Bowie just yet... Im not sure I should tell you!  Do you really want to know? How about this one... changing very quickly before a show in this tiny 5ft by 6ft dressing room with about 5 other men 4 of them gay go-go dancers fluffing themselves with penis pumps... (details censored).