Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rising Artist - The Spirit Family Reunion

Country music and blue grass music go together like oil and water. It is just not the right combination. Even when late CBGB's owner, Hilly Kristal opened the iconic Bowery club, he opened it with full intentions of it being a bar that played Country, Blue Grass and Blues, hence - CBGB's. Yet, it ended up becoming the home of punk rock. While no major country or blue grass act has ever come from New York City, that actually is about to change with The Spirit Family Reunion. This young band is about to release their new album, No Surrender and will be touring non-stop all summer with shows that even include a slot at the legendary Newport Folk Festival.

The six piece band is a traditional country and blue grass band, not the pop-country that is being shoved down our throats, The Spirit Family Reunion are as traditional and as real as it gets. If you were a fan of The Soggy Bottom Boy from O Brother, Where Art Thou?, yes, Clooney's band, The Spirit Family Reunion take that passion and fire and make it something so powerful. Just last month the band wowed a packed audience at Mercury Lounge and started the buzz rolling on what we expect will be a very promising career.