Saturday, June 23, 2012


Whimsical, dreamlike indie pop seems to be what has been coming out of Brooklyn these days with acts like Tanlines, Grimes and Savoir Adore. Savoir Adore is comprised of a full band, but its masterminds and leaders are Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro, whose childlike innocence and fantasy inspired sound have taken them from just another Brooklyn band and one of the biggest buzz bands in indie music right now. As the band are currently on tour all summer to support their new record, Our Nature, we spoke to Muro about their music, where they want this band to go and their influences. Take a look:

According to legend, the band started over a 48-hour challenge. What was the challenge and who put you up to the task?

At the end of 2006, we were both performing as solo artists, and both had the urge to step out of our boxes.  We wanted to collaborate for fun, so we picked a weekend and took a train upstate (NY) to Paul's parents' house to create something in his dad's studio.  We decided that we would make an ambitious mini-album, with the one rule being no plain acoustic guitars.  We wrote the song titles on the train ride up, and jammed for a long time, cherry-picking the best nuggets from our recorded sessions.  We then shaped and edited into what is now our EP "The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl With Animals in her Throat."

Given that it was a sheer dare that the band came together, do you ever stop and think that it was fate that led you to this path? Like all of this was supposed to happen?


Hailing from Brooklyn, how has the borough inspired your work?

Probably mostly through encouragement and excitement of like-minded artists. The energy of a lot of people around you creating new things and working really hard.

With a plethora of bands coming from Brooklyn, how does Savoir Adore stand out from the pack?

We don't really know!  We try to make an exciting blend of music, and that's done well for us so far. 

With so many bands from Brooklyn all competing for the same goal, there also seems to be a big camaraderie among the artists. Do you think it is because everyone is chasing the same dream?

I don't think everyone is chasing the same dream exactly - but I think there is a lot of camaraderie because we are all going through similar experiences, crossing paths all the time. I think a common interest in experimentation and the excitement of being part of a musical neighborhood leads to that sense of collaboration and community. We've experienced it quite a bit here and it's lovely. 

The bands sound is very European and very pop but also very New York, what inspired your work?'

That blend is probably a result of our collective musical backgrounds. We were both raised with classical training, but also with a lot of exposure to all eras of rock & jazz. Also, a lot of our songwriting and production comes from pure experimentation so the inspiration is often subconscious…taking our influences and mushing them together in odd and fun ways. 

Since 2009 you have been steadily creating a buzz for yourself but in 2011, you were one of the big breakout bands of CMJ. Now that people are really starting to pay attention, how does all of this feel?

It pretty much feels the same… we're just continuing to make our music the best we can! It's of course a great feeling to know that more and more people are listening to our music, but we try not to think or worry about it too much.

You signed with Neon Gold Records, what is it like to be apart of the Neon Gold family?

We put out our vinyl 7" of "Dreamers" with Neon Gold and I think it is the most perfect fit for that song.  It couldn't have gotten out into the world in a better way. Besides being part of an amazing series of releases, it's also been a pleasure playing Neon Gold shows and events this year… it really is a family of inspiring and creative people. 

What has been the biggest highlight about being in this band so far?

Being able to share our music with lots of people, and performing in beautiful venues.

Where would you like Savoir Adore to take you?

Adventures around the world, and collaborations with other artists in all mediums!