Saturday, June 16, 2012

Great Soundtracks - Saturday Night Fever

Last month, as we bid farewell to Bee Gee Robin Gibb, what kept stirring up was, aside from the fact that he was a great singer, was that he and his brothers cemented their place in movie history with the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. The film, which was a testament to the 1970's New York disco era will forever be embedded in the brains and hearts of people around the world thanks to the soundtrack The Bee Gee's gave us.

The album, which is one of the most successful film soundtracks of all time going 15x's platinum, fueled disco around the world and its legacy generations later. While the Bee Gee's were the icons of the record, other artists like Kool and the Gang, The Trammps, KC and the Sunshine Band, MFSB, and others helped support the soundtracks commercial success and thanks to the success of the soundtrack it supported the success of those bands. While others appeared on the record, it will always be the Bee Gee's who will be remembered and as Robin Gibb's time has passed, his music and thanks to the continuing interest in this soundtrack will help his legacy live on.