Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick News

Bat For Lashes will release her third album, The Haunted Man in October.

Dinosaur Jr. will release their new album, I Bet on Sky, on September 17th.

Beastie Boys producer, Mario C., has confirmed to NME that their is more Beastie music from the vault to slowly emerge down the pipeline. Mario said,"There's a handful of extra stuff from each record apart from Paul's Boutique. I actually went through it all recently and checked out a few things that weren’t used for Hello Nasty and there’s definitely two or three tracks that didn’t get utilized that could be utilised." He then hinted that fans should not hold their breath for this, "We'll take it slowly. No-one’s thinking of doing anything right away. It's too soon."

Dan Deacon has released the cover to his forthcoming album, America. In the classic style cover, you can see the tracklisting. The album arrives at the end of August. Take a look at the cover below:
As we mentioned earlier in the week, Green Day will release three albums between August and January. Below is the cover of the first album, Uno! take a look: