Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick News

After several years together, the band that we pinned to be "the next Muse," Pendulum, have called it quits.

After performing with him at Bonnarroo and working with him on his new record, Questlove has spoken to Rolling Stone about the direction of the long awaited new D'Angelo album. Questo said, "He is about to take a radical 180 turn with this record," says Questlove. "It's going to throw people off the same way that Prince's Dirty Mind threw his R&B fanbase off. In the past few years, he's discovered Bowie and Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pet Sounds, Captain Beefheart and Zappa." He also mentioned that D'Angelo also plays guitar on the new record and keyboards. No word yet as to when the new record will be released, but Questo said around August, but nothing is confirmed.

Against Me! front woman, the artist formerly known as Tommy Gabel and now known as Laura Jane Grace, spoke to MTV about her transgender transformation. Grace said, "When you're younger, you don't necessarily get it, but I just completely identified with Madonna. Watching Rosemary's Baby, and seeing Mia Farrow with a boy's haircut, was another moment I remember thinking, 'That's me, that's what I'm going to grow up to be, that's the kind of woman that I'll be.'" Grace, who broke the news to Rolling Stone in the Spring is speaking out again about the transformation and added, ""For my daughter, I'm just hoping that it doesn't affect her in any kind of negative way, as far as kids can be cruel to each other, you know." She also thanked her wife, Heather, for standing by her through this process.

Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff will release his new album, Rebirth on July 17. Take a look at the cover below: