Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick News

AFI side project, Blaqk Audio are currently in the studio recording their second record, Bright Black Heaven. The band features AFI singer Davy Havok and guitarist Jade Puget.

To celebrate the 17th anniversary of his seminal solo album, Wu-Tang Clan's GZA will reissue Liquid Swords. The reissue will include feature the album, its instrumentals on a second disc, liner notes penned by GZA, and a chess set within the deluxe edition box.

Action Bronson has confirmed via Twitter that the sequel to his mixtape, Blue Chips, which he released earlier this year with Party Supplies is on its way. Bronson then spoke to and spoke about his current project with Alchemist entitled, Rare Chandeliers. Bronson said, “Well, me and Alchemist have been working a lot, so that’s next. We got a bunch of joints out there, man. We ready for this year. That will be the next thing – very soon. I want to get it out just as bad as a couple of people want to hear it.” In the same interview Bronson then spoke about a third project he has now with Harry Fraud, called Saab Stories, Bronson said, “Me and Harry cooked up about 30 songs already; we’ve got some craziness. It’s some sh*t that’s just like – I don’t have words, I just can’t wait for all the projects to come out.”