Thursday, July 16, 2015

Arcade Fire Release 'Reflektor Tapes' Trailer

We mentioned earlier this week that Arcade Fire will be releasing a film called The Reflektor Tapes in September. Not much was known...until now.

The trailer has been release (above) and according to a press release: "The Reflektor Tapes is a fascinating insight into the making of Arcade Fire’s critically acclaimed, international #1 album Reflektor. The film recontextualizes the album experience, transporting the viewer into a kaleidoscopic sonic and visual landscape. It charts the band’s creative journey as they lay foundations for the album in Jamaica, commence recording sessions in Montreal and play an impromptu gig at a Haitian hotel on the first night of Carnival, before bringing their breathtaking live show to packed arenas in Los Angeles and London."

In the press release, the band said of the film: "There were parts of the Reflektor tour where I think we, Arcade Fire, came the closest in our careers to putting on stage what we imagined in our heads. We were insanely lucky to have Kahlil Joseph documenting from the very beginning."