Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quick News

Flying Lotus has been confirmed to be the band leader / musical director of Hannibal Buress' Comedy Central show, Why? The show has already been airing this summer and FlyLo has just been added to the mix.

Mike Kerr of Royal Blood spoke to Vanyaland about making the duo's second album, especially coming off a well praised debut. He said, "We just built a recording setup into our tour bus and we’re trying to get some demos done. It’s mainly trying to get some ideas down on the road, then we have a couple of weeks off in September where we’ll go into the studio. The pressure will come when we kind of really get into the second record – the famous difficult second record. But we’re really enjoying what we’re doing at the moment. You’re moving around so much and you really don’t get a real moment to process. Then you go home and you might sort of go, ‘Wow, that was mad.’”

Elbow announced they will release a new EP this Friday called Lost Worker Bee. It is said to be inspired by the people of Manchester, England.

Speaking to Esquire, James Blake discussed his new album, Radio Silence and mentioned that Kanye West and Bon Iver are on the record. Blake said, "I can confirm that they’re on it. Kanye — I’m with him today. We’d already started on something … today we should nail something down. If it doesn’t end up on the album you know it hasn’t worked.” Bon Iver and Blake collaborated in 2011 on "Fall Creek Boys Choir."