Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quick News

Influential BBC DJ Zane Lowe will be leaving his seat at BBC1 Radio to join Apple in a new venture. He spent 12 years as a DJ and influential radio personality. No word exactly what he will be doing at Apple.

Speaking of Zane Lowe, Florence Welch talked to him about her new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, and revealed that she suffered a "nervous breakdown" following the success of Lungs and Ceremonials. She said, "'Cermonials' and 'Lungs' all blurred together, we didn't take any time off. It was a decision to have a year off. A bit of a nervous breakdown... It was a bit of a crash landing in a sense... In the year off, I was still going out and going to events but something wasn't quite right, I was spiralling a bit. I wasn't making myself happy. I wasn't stable. Up and down... chaotic" vibe of the year.

 Passion Pit have released the tracklisting to their upcoming album, Kindred, which will arrive in April. Take a look:
'Lifted Up (1985)'
'Whole Life Story'
'Where the Sky Hangs'
'All I Want'
'Five Foot Ten (I)'
'Dancing on the Grave'
'Until We Can't (Let's Go)'
'Looks Like Rain'
'My Brother Taught Me How to Swim'
'Ten Feet Tall (II)'

Everything Everything will release their new album, Go to Heaven, in June.