Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quick News

Once again, Noel Gallagher is extending an olive branch to his brother Liam to help the former Oasis / Beady Eye man get his solo career back on track. Noel told NME, "I'd write him a few songs, I've got a few songs lying around that he'd be good at singing. But I'm not sure what he plans to do or if plans to do anything. Some fucking good ones, better than the lot he was singing last time for sure."

Also talking to NME is Bernard Sumner who gave another update about the forthcoming New Order record, which was slated to arrive this fall, but that may change. Sumner said, "It's going to be finished by spring and maybe released in the summer now. Who knows? The most important thing is what we've done sounds amazing." The singer then elaborated on the songs and said, "It's an electronic-sounding album, dance-based but not housey. It's being mixed by Craig Silvey, and we've worked with Tom Rowlands from The Chemical brothers on three tracks."

Speaking to Drowned in the Sound, Radiohead drummer Phil Selway gave an update on progress to the upcoming Radiohead record. He said, "It's all coming along nicely... We worked throughout the autumn up to just before Christmas, and now we're just taking some time away for other projects. We'll get back to it in March and we'll make an assessment of where we are then, but we've been excited about what we've been doing so far. It's by no means finished yet, so we've got a way to go. It's been a productive time though."

Lady Gaga took to social media to confirm that Sir Paul McCartney is working with her on new music. This is the latest artist that Macca has worked with. Since the new year he has released songs with Kanye West and Rihanna, with whom he will perform with at this weekend's Grammy awards. No word as to when the Macca / Gaga collab will be released.