Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quick News

According to reports, Madonna has overtaken Bruce Springsteen as the most successful solo touring artist following the conclusion of her "Rebel Heart World Tour."

Biffy Clyro will release their new album, Ellipsis, in July.

Paul McCartney is set to follow Keith Richards and get aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The icon is set to play a pirate in the upcoming fifth film in the series.

After weeks of rumors, Ian Brown has confirmed that The Stone Roses are working on new music. When approached by an NME producer and asked about upcoming releases, Brown said: "soon" and said it "was like a dream" to be working on new music and that it sounds "glorious."

Metallica, John Coltrane, Santana, George Carlin and Merle Haggard will all have albums preserved by the Library of Congress this year. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said in a statement: "Who would've ever thought that 'Master of Puppets', a record made by a band hovering way left of the mainstream in 1986, would be granted the honor of being added to the Registry of the Library of Congress?"

Dave Grohl took to social media on Wednesday to defend a teenage English band that allegedly got in trouble for playing too loud in a practice space in a small town. Grohl tweeted:
Now, the city of Cornwall, England, has responded to the claims. Saying in a statement: "The Council is legally required to investigate once it has received a complaint about noise. In this case we have received a number of complaints about the level of noise. We have not, however, told the band to stop playing or told them they must keep sound levels below 40 decibels. We have not prescribed a set noise level but have advised that the sound levels are currently too high. We have offered to work with them to look at ways of reducing the noise levels by suggesting they look at installing some sound proofing into the garage to address the problem or possibly compromise by looking at playing only at certain times. We have spoken to the owner of the property on three occasions so far and are arranging to visit them to try and identify a solution. We are certainly not trying to stop the band from practising but we have to take into consideration the views of all parties."