Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quick News

Speaking to NME, Noel Gallagher said that he plans on releasing his third record next year. He said: "I don't like talking about it till it's finished, because many a record was bought and sold of people saying 'This is my Sgt Pepper' and then you hear it and you think, 'What the fuck are you on about?' But what I will say is that I am doing something different this time, to amuse myself – I am writing in the studio for the first time. As a rule I've not allowed myself to go in with any completed songs, so I am writing in there, it's happening all around me during the day. That process can be quite frustrating, but the results are speaking for themselves at the moment. Usually I'll go in, play a song, record an acoustic version of it and then I'll think of something and we'll head toward it. Everything we do is a forward motion toward that point. When you’re writing in the studio you don't know where you're going, so the flavour of it all can constantly shift. It's a bit chaotic but the end results are great so far."

He then added: "Best case scenario is I get it finished this year and it's out this time next year, but best case scenario has a habit of going tits up and I won't finish it this year and I'll still be working on it this time next year. You never know.”

Grizzly Bear confirmed that they are heading back to the studio next month to begin work on a new album.

The owners of Le Bataclan, the venue where terrorists came in and killed many during a Eagles of Death Metal concert during the attacks on Paris last November, will reopen almost a year after the devastation. The owners have announced that Pete Doherty will be the first performer in November.

Speaking to Noisy, Don Cheadle, who just played Miles Davis in the film Miles Ahead, said that if he trumpet legend were alive today he would perform with Kendrick Lamar. Cheadle said: ""If Miles [Davis] was alive he would be working with Kendrick Lamar, and Kamasi Washington and Walter Smith III. The guys who really get it and are trying to bring that music forward, while at the same time changing it and turning it into a whole new style. I think Kendrick’s on the cutting edge of music right now. He’s incorporating all kinds of sounds. He’s an incredible storyteller. That’s something Miles would definitely have been into."

Mastodon's Troy Sanders is teaming up with At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen to form the band Gone is Gone. The supergroup plans to release a debut EP later this year.

For the upcoming Netflix series Marvel's Luke Cage, the musical masterminds of A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and composer Adrian Younge will provide the score.

Band of Horses are set to release their fifth album, Why Are You OK, in June. Take a look at the cover, below: