Saturday, February 2, 2013

Movie of the Month - Rock 'n Roll High School

When it comes to B-movies or cult classics, Rock 'N Roll High School is King. It has all the classic elements - cheesy acting, decent story, kickass soundtrack, Clint Howard, and most of all The Ramones. The story, which is a cross between Footloose and Lean on Me, is about trials and tribulations of principals at Vince Lombardi High School who keep having nervous breakdowns because of the students love for rock and roll. When one of the schools most popular students, Riff Randell has her Ramones concert ticket taken away by a stern school principal, Riff tries to find a way to sneak into a Ramones gig and give Joey Ramone a song she wrote. She dreams of Joey and the band, and when the school principal wants to burn a pile of rock and roll records, the students revolt and The Ramones come to the students rescue. From hilarious altercations and encounters only a movie could bring, The Ramones steal the show and show off what that rock and roll means well...unless your a crazy school principal.