Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Spins

Atoms for Peace AMOK
Thom Yorke returns with his second solo LP and the debut LP of his side project Atoms For Peace. This band began as the touring band who supported Yorke in 2009 as his backing band when he finally took his 2006 solo release, The Eraser on the road. The band, which consisted of longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich, Flea, Joey Waronker, and Mauro Refosco, is now much more than Yorke’s solo backing band, they are his full on side project. AMOK is the band venturing into new musical landscapes and taking electronic elements set forth by artists like Four Tet, Flying Lotus, and Burial, and mixing it with acid jazz and world music, AMOK is much more than just a daring Radiohead venture for Yorke, or just a place where music junkies can jam together and make crazy shit, it is a band that is looking to push the musical landscapes and test their limits as musicians and as music fans.

DarkstarNews From Nowhere
If you heard Darkstar’s 2010 breakthrough, North, and heard their latest offering you would believe it is two different bands, however, the change for Darkstar is not one that will leave fans in the dust, it is one to embrace. News From Nowhere hears the British real dubstep band experiment more with colorful synths, layers, tape loops, and vocal experiments to present a colorful array of fantastic music. If North was a dark subconscious record that took listeners to dark places, News From Nowhere is much more cerebral and much more fantasy dreamlike than subconscious.

FoalsHoly Fire
The British alternative band return with their third record, and it is simply their best. Foals are an interesting band, they are a band whose sound evolve in all the right ways and you can hear their progression with each record. Holy Fire is their latest offering, which hears the band paint with sound in the listeners ear and manage to take the listener on a journey which will have them moving and wondering the whole way.

Gold Fields Black Sun
This Australian electro-rock band has been on our radar for a year now and finally they answer the call with their debut, Black Sun, and what a debut it is. One of the best debuts of the year (so far), Gold Fields manage to capture what many bands struggle to do, bottle the energy from their live shows and toss it on a full album. Black Sun is a bouncy, electronic adventure with a sonic style that will have you hitting repeat at the end of every spin of this album.

IceageYou’re Nothing
The Danish post-hardcore / garage titans return with their most in-your-face album to date. You’re Nothing is a brutal, bone crunching ode to static guitars, pounding drums and brutal hooks.

Inspectah Deck / 7L / EsotericCzarface
Three hip-hop titans team up for a trident of intense beats, rhymes, and progress while looking back. Taking queues from hip-hop’s glory days of the 1990’s, Czarface also lays out a blueprint to future collaborative hip-hop groups as to how it should be done. With special guests Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Mr. MotherFuckin Exquire, and more, Czarface plays like The Avengers coming together on the mic.  

Screaming Females Chalk Tape E.P.
The New Jersey garage trio come back after releasing their last full length nearly a year ago and bring something new to the table. In stead of wall-to-wall fuzzy guitars and screaming choruses, Screaming Females explore their limits as musicians and songwriters and take an interesting, but subtle step into their future.

Frightened RabbitPedestrian Verse
The Scottish indie band returns with their fourth record and finds the band tackling broader topics about the world around them rather than the world within them. A much more wide-ranging album in terms of themes, but also manage to make the music still very intimate and not deviate too much for what they are known for.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Push the Sky Away
The legendary Australian singer returns with his iconic band on their latest offering. Push Away the Sky Away is a very minimal record for Nick Cave, it is filled with many creepy and dark spaces, but also keeps their flare intact. Cave, as usual, is a master lyricist and comments on everything from religion, sex, love, society, pop culture (There is even a reference to Hannah Montana and having Miley Cyrus as “the best girl I ever had”) and blends it with erotic delivery. Push the Sky Away is basically Cave reading poetry over music and there is nothing wrong with that!

Beach Fossils Clash the Truth
The Brooklyn surf-rockers return with a record that does what their last did, bring pop hooks and slick guitar riffs together for a well packaged fun in the sun LP.

The Mary OnnettesHit the Waves
The Swedish dream-pop band return with a record that hears them opening up a bit more and into new territory. Hit the Waves is a record that hears The Mary Onnettes take on electronic hooks and beats and pull in inspiration from 80’s New Wave to bring back a much more unique sound for them.

Jim James Regions of Light and Sound of God
My Morning Jacket’s Jim James arrives with his solo debut and it is a strick departure from his main band and his other alias Yim Yames. Regions of Light and Sound of God is not a folk record, it is not a rock record, it is record of James trying out new sounds, styles, and musical tastes that he could not do with his other work and for that it is a grand ambition.

The RescuesBlah Blah Love and War
The L.A. rockers return with their new album and while they know how to make a perfect pop-rock song, not much has changed in the bands formula since their 2010 debut.

Puscifer Donkey Punch the Night E.P.
Maynard James Keenan’s band returns with an E.P. to wet the whistle of fans until a possible new studio record arrives. Mainly recorded with the same line-up of their 2011 release, Conditions of My Parole, Puscifer headed to Keenan’s Arizona vineyard to make their latest offering which hears them cover Queen, Accept, the E.P. is just a sample as to what the band could be doing next in experimenting with electronic sounds and noise.

DucktailsThe Flower Lane
The side project of Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile is a low-key, somewhat tired and lazy release. The Flower Lane does not say or do much musically, it simply just plays with nothing too interesting happening or going on.

Darwin DeezSongs for Imaginative People
Darwin Deez has always been an interesting character because he simply is just himself and makes no apologies for it, which, by all means is perfect for the music world. Yet, his latest Songs for Imaginative People, he tries to do too much and it does not work. From punk riffs to electronic blips and under his emo style singing. Deez needs to focus on what he can do, rather than what he wants to do.