Monday, August 10, 2015

Quick News

The Sisters of Mercy will reissue their 1987 sophomore album, Floodlands as a massive box set via Rhino. The set contains four LPs, all pressed on 180-gram vinyl, and is packed in a handsome card slipcase. On the same day, the set will be released digitally, and all the songs will be available for download individually. It will arrive next month.

Bjork cancelled a slew of performances for the remainder of the year. She took to her website to explain: "Singing this album has been intense and the internal clock of it different to the other ones. It has sort of had to behave in its own little way. both the urgency of the leak and now this sudden closure for reasons beyond my control is characteristic of that. I hope through the years i have earned enough tour karma points to get your support for this." She then mentioned that new material is already being written. She said: "I have started writing new songs and feel the best most natural pathway to go is to let this beast flow its natural course and start anew." 

 Maximo Park's Paul Smith spoke to Digital Spy about what they have been up to and they are currently writing their next record. Smith said: "We started writing together a few weeks ago," said Smith. "I reckon a new Max├»mo Park record is on the distant horizon, we'll see how fast we can write together. I think there's, like, six songs or something that we've started working on, and maybe three of them might be really good. Then you start thinking, 'OK, well, they came about in a few weeks, so maybe we can write a few more really good ones and eventually get a record together next year'." 

YACHT will release their new album, I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler, later this year. Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
01 Miles & Miles
02 White Mirror
03 Matter
04 Ringtone
05 I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
06 L.A. Plays Itself
07 I Wanna Fuck You Till I'm Dead
08 Hologram
09 Don't Be Rude
10 War on Women
11 The Entertainment