Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quick News

Coldplay are reportedly releasing their new (and possibly) final album, A Head Full of Dreams, this fall according to Rolling Stone. The magazine released their fall music preview with this being named in the list.

Another album that is potentially arrive this year, and according to Rolling Stone, in November is Adele's long awaited 25. Billboard is also reporting the news and that Danger Mouse, Tobais Jesso Jr., and Max Martin all contributed production work to the forthcoming LP.

Kraftwerk spoke to Rolling Stone and said that their current shows, which have been presented in 3-D for the last two years, will be on Blu-Ray. Werker Ralf Hutter said: "We've been doing this and working on a Blu-ray to make this available. It should be coming out in the late fall. We've put a lot of work into all the images, transforming from our Kling Klang archives into 3D format and arranging it synchronized with the music, so it's quite a lot of production. We're quite a small team of musicians, technicians, computer programmers here at Kling Klang Studios; we do everything ourselves." He also gave an update on the band's ninth album, which has been expected to be released for sometime. He said: "Yes, we are always working on new tracks and patterns and sound compositions, and once we are finished with our work on the 3D Catalogue, those eight albums, then we will concentrate on number nine."

The original soundtrack to the HBO classic, The Sopranos, was released 15 years ago. Now, this October, it will make it's first appearance on vinyl when it is reissued through SRCVinyl.