Saturday, January 2, 2016

Movie of the Month: Party Monster

Last month, when Macauley Culkin rekindled his role as Kevin McAllister as a adult for a web series, the world saw the actor reprise the role that made him a household name. Yet, 13 years ago, he starred in Party Monster, a film that instantly became a cult classic which was based on the shocking true story of what happened in the New York City nightlife of the 90s. Culkin stared as club promoter and leader of the "Club Kids," Michael Alig, who would go to prison for murdering his drug dealing friend and hacking up his body during the height of the infamous Limelight nightclub's popularity. The film, which is shot like a campy 80s movie, was released in 2003 and featured Dylan McDermott, John Stamos, Wilmer Valderrama, Seth Green, Chloe Sevigny, and real life Club Kids Marilyn  Manson and Richie Rich. The film, based off the documentary of the same name and Club Kid James St. James' book, Disco Bloodbath, gave the shocking look into what went on behind the scenes of the drug fueled and chaotic nights in The Big Apple which is now a bygone era. Party Monster, is certainly a shocking film but what is more surprising is that it is all true.