Monday, January 25, 2016

Bombino Announces New Album

African guitarist Bombino will return in April with his new album, Azel, which is produced by The Dirty Projecters' Dave Longstreth. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the first video for "Inar."

1. Akhar Zaman (This Moment)
2. Iwaranagh (We Must)
3. Inar (If You Know The Degree Of My Love For You)
4. Tamiditine Tarhanam (My Love, I Tell You)
5. Timtar (Memories)
6. Iyat Ninhay / Jaguar (A Great Desert I Saw)
7. Igmayagh Dum (My Lover)
8. Ashuhada (Martyrs Of The First Rebellion)
9. Timidiwa (Friendship)
10. Naqqim Dagh Timshar (We Are Left In This Abandoned Place)