Sunday, January 10, 2016

Quick News

Is that Kendrick Lamar / J. Cole collab album arriving anytime soon? Top Dawg Entertainment president, Anthony Free told Billboard: “Anything’s a possibility. verything’s a possibility, but I’mma say this too: Kendrick and Cole are in a place in their careers and in their lives where they have to keep going. Of course they’re two of the biggest rappers out, but they still have to keep grinding. There’s so much work that they have to continue to do." He also added: "A joint album does sound great, but people need to understand, these are two geniuses. These are two creative guys. It takes a long time for one of them to get in a space to create a song, so to get two of them in a space to do that, it takes a lot of time and energy. It all has to be a singular project, but it just can’t happen overnight."

Free also gave an update if King Kendrick is working on the follow-up to last year's best album, To Pimp A Butterfly, he said: "Kendrick’s always working. He’s never not working. He’s always thinking of the next idea, writing down ideas or mumbling shit to himself…It’s too early to say right now, but just know that Kendrick is always working."

Kanye West took to Twitter to announce the release date of his new album, Swish

Is Kanye's former protege, Lupe Fiasco calling it quits at the end of the year? On Christmas, he revealed that he is releasing three records this year DROGUS, SKULLS and ROY. On Thursday, he tweeted that ROY will be his final album.

Andre 3000 spoke to Billboard about a few things around his career but none caught more attention than the fact that he wants to make music again. He said: "I’ve been holding [back] for a long time, so now I’m really interested in figuring out some type of music to do. I’m always recording."