Saturday, January 2, 2016

Underrated Classic: Snow Patrol - Songs For Polarbears

Prior to becoming pop rock radio sensations and having their songs appear in TV shows and films, Snow Patrol were indie rock darlings in the UK. In 1998, the band from Scotland released their fantastic debut, Songs For Polarbears. The record, which didn't do much on its initial release would end up going gold a decade later after it was reissued at the height of the bands career. While the band has evolved into a radio friendly act, they started off doing dark and melancholy rock in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, Sebadoh and brought a different atmosphere to what was happening in Scotland at the time. Thanks to Gary Lightbody's lyrics and the bands style, they became word of mouth sensations in their country, then eventually the rest of Great Britain. Yet, it would not be until their 2003 breakthrough, Final Straw, where they would reach U.S. stations and fans that would bring them a level of fame they have only dream of. As the band is set to release a new record this year, their first in five years, we suggest looking back to the beginning and seeing how special they always were.