Sunday, May 1, 2016

Underrated Classic: The Church 'Heyday'

History has seemed to brush Australian band The Church aside. The dream pop band emerged in the 1980s with a collection of fantastic albums and songs like 1985's Heyday. The record, which saw them scale back the use of keyboards and incorporate more strings and horns, became a transition album. Instead of sounding like many bands of the New Wave-era, The Church started experimenting with more traditional instruments. Heyday was also a record where singer Steve Kilbey's voice dramatically altered -- it was much more brooding, grand and relaxed. He began to sing beyond his normal register and harmonize better with his band mates. Heyday was a bold, daring move for a band that had swept their country and Europe by storm and were starting to crack in America. It could have been sink or swim, but their risk proved to be a great reward and laid the foundation for their biggest breakthrough -- 1988's Starfish. The success of Starfish may not have happened if the groundwork was not done with Heyday