Thursday, November 3, 2011

Live Review - The Sounds @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

“I love to see good performances, I want to put on the best show every time, I owe it to the audience every night,” Sounds singer Maja Ivarsson told me earlier this Fall in an interview with her. After seeing Maja perform last night with The Sounds at a packed Music Hall of Williamsburg last night, she did not just say that line to me to appease a journalist, she said it and meant it and last night was proof.

The band have not stopped touring this year after the release of their fourth record, Something to Die For made their return to the New York Area for two dates, night one would be in Brooklyn and night two will come Friday at Webster Hall. As the house DJ faded his music and the lights dimmed, the roar of the crowd was so boisterous one would have thought they were at a sporting event rather a concert, the roar and cheers were all for the anticipation of the Swedish band to take the stage. The five-piece glam meets punk meets electronica act delivered, as they always do, yet for a Wednesday night in Brooklyn, they created a dance party that would rival the famous Brooklyn factory parties of the early 90’s. With a bombastic set that included “Dance with the Devil,” “Queen of Apology,” “Living in America,” “Dorchester Hotel,” the biggest screams of the night would come during the ballad “Night After Night” with Maja and Jesper Anderberg on piano, a very intimate and lounge style of the song but very beautiful, it would then kick into high gear with “Painted by Numbers,” the bands biggest single to date. While The Sounds are on the road promoting their new album, the biggest smiles and sing-a-longs would come during the songs of their 2006 release, Dying to Say This to You and the band does not seem to mind, they just want to please the fans. “We want to make you happy, you give us a reason, I live for you!” Maja declared to the audience at one point, The Sounds are a total fan appreciated band and that is why they will continue to work as hard as they possibly do.

As successful as the band has become through the years, they still know how to have fun - “I am a little drunk, I hope you do not mind” Maja admitted with a smile on her face halfway through the band set, it was a rather funny moment because once the music stopped she would act a little intoxicated yet once the music kicked in, she focused like a laser and did not miss a beat or note. The sexy singer even joked with members of the audience about how her high kicking would have her flash her panties and make the men in the audience loose their minds; she has her sex appeal and knows how to use it. The Sounds are pure loud fun and fantastic entertainers, with their tour continuing on through the end of the year, they are a must see act and go prepared with a great pair of dancing shoes, because you be moving all night.

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